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The Barley Mow has been here a little longer than us!

Hi, my name is Tracie.  Along with my partner Lee and  my son Aaron with a massive amount of help from my sister Debbie and Mum Mary we took on the challenge of the Barley Mow in early October 2007. 


Along with our good friends Del & Sharon StJohn we scrubbed and cleaned and painted our way through to our opening day on 30th November 2007. Much blood, many tears and far more buckets of dirty water were spilt on the way but the new look Barley Mow opened to a fantastic party with many locals who had not used the pub for years.


Since opening the Barley Mow has gone from strength to strength regardless of a few hick ups on the way and we are now, finally, here to stay.

Picture donated by our great friend Max Bygrave who has spent far to many hours over far to many years supporting the Barley Mow!

Don't be fooled into thinking that just because he's old he's also wise because it just isn't true!


His usual pose but he assures me he is a coiled spring just waiting to burst into action honest!


Meet some of the residents of the Barley Mow some more attractive than others but I will let you make your own minds up.

Me, Lee & Mum all working hard (Well Mum was!)

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